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Football Training Equipment

Whether you’re a coach for you local 11-a-side team or you want to improve your own football skills, we have the football training equipment to help you be your best. Training is essential for any sport, and from agility drills to coaching kits, we can help you perfect your ball control, passing and movement. We have all your football coaching needs so you can liven up your sessions and improve yours or your football team’s performance.

Improving your power, speed and agility to quickly change direction on the pitch can be a valuable skill to have in your locker. Our high-quality selection of slalom poles and marker cones make it easy to start perfecting these skills. Setting up circuits during training sessions is a great way to switch things up and get the ball rolling. Add to the circuit with one of our 4 metre agility ladders which are perfect for increasing foot speed and improving agility – and with the option of multi coloured cross ladders too!

If you think you or your team needs to focus on the mechanics of running, our heavy-duty training hurdles are the tool for the job. Available in sizes 6”, 9” and 12” they are great for improving running technique and fast paced movement during a game. These are ideal for circuits set up during training sessions, or alternatively, using for a warm-up prior to a game. With suitable bags available for the football training equipment, it means transportation between sessions is simple.

With Teqball Smart available here at Mark Harrod Ltd, you can invest even further into your training equipment. This truly innovative and skill enhancing table is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Acting as a supportive tool, it helps players master air-to-air ball handling and quick thinking. Using Teqball means improvement with the ball and decision making for ‘first touch’ moves in times where a game depends on it.

Practice and training are an essential part of improvement in any sport – especially football. Without the right equipment, it can be hard to perform at your best and can end up being a big disadvantage to you or your team. To improve your performance, shop our comprehensive range of football training equipment below.

Whether you’re a coach for you local 11-a-side team or you want to improve your own football Show More