DevoLift Aluminium 12 x 4 Football Goal Package

12 x 4ft 3.66 x 1.23m

DevoLift Aluminium 12 x 4 Football Goal Package

The DevoLift Aluminium 12 x 4 Football Goal package features a newly designed wheel system created in order to ensure we offer a wheeled goal that conforms to the latest British and European Standards.

To conform to the latest BSEN 16579 regulations a complete redesign of the wheel system was needed. the DEVOLIFT is the result!

Featuring a familiar, easy to use lever system you can be confident that your goals are still built to the best standards possible.

With a focus on safety, the wheel has been designed to have minimal moving parts on the outside to prevent any accidental injuries from sheering, crushing and entrapment.

  • 100mm Aluminium Frame
  • Internally Weighted
  • Welded internal corner joints
  • The package supplied with international back supports, top diagonal bracers, lock on nylon hooks and a full set of DevoLift Wheels
  • Don’t forget: To really stand out on the pitch you can upgrade your nets to your team colours

Date of availability to be confirmed

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