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What does BSEN16579 mean for your football team?

As you would expect from a leading UK sports equipment manufacturer our football goals are tested to British and European Standards. We have always strived to produce the highest quality product at a competitive price and these standards are just part of this quality control.

Well there is a new standard in town! Affectionately known as BSEN16579, this standard will replace two old standards (BS 8462 and BS 8461). BSEN16579 covers many designs of football goals but excludes full sized 11-a-side products. 11-a-side goals still come under the current BSEN748 British and European Standard. BS EN16579 is a Europe wide Standard that has been developed with the UK’s involvement and has been adopted as a British Standard. Confused yet? 

What are Mark Harrod Ltd doing about the new standard?

Don’t worry there is no need to panic as we are on the case! As with anything like this, it takes time to develop new products and we want to get it right first time. We are working hard in the background to ensure our goals meet BSEN16579. Alongside other established manufacturers we are working with the Sport and Play Construction Association (SAPCA) the English FA and sports equipment testing labs to ensure we all continue to provide the highest quality fully tested products.

Remember as far as we are concerned these British and European Standard are our baseline. We do so much beyond the standard to ensure the equipment we provide is safe, appropriate to the activity they are meant for, have a long life span and that you can service and replace parts as required.

When does BS EN16579 apply?

The new standard will be adopted by the English FA between the end of the current football season (2018/19) and the start of the next season (2019/20). This is the date range we and other manufacturers are working to.

What has changed?

Be assured your current Mark Harrod Ltd goals are still safe to use. If they were not they would never have gained a British Standard.  The main changes are with regards to entrapment, crushing and shearing. Our new designs will be produced to remove finger, head and neck entrapment risks from the goal frame, nets and even wheels. The designs will also remove any risk of crushing or shearing from moving parts.

What do you need to do?

Absolutely nothing! The English Football Association’s stance is that goals conforming to the old standards are still considered good, so from their perspective you will not need to buy new goals just to conform to BSEN16579. The guidance appears to be that clubs, councils, colleges and schools can carry on using the goals they have until they need to be replaced in time through natural wear and tear.

What about if you want to buy new goals now?

Again, don’t worry! We believe the guidance from the FA will be that you can carry on purchasing goals that conform to the old standards up until the start of the 2019/20 season.

Any questions?

If you do have any questions we are happy to help. If there is anything concerning you about BS EN 16579 give us a call on 01785 594421 and speak to one of our experienced engineers who can guide you through the standard and give you appropriate advice.

Remember these few things when buying your goalposts:

  • Get as much advice from your sports equipment provider as you can before you make a purchase. Call and speak to the experts!
  • Ask if the goalposts you are purchasing comply with current British standards.
  • Check the goalposts are manufactured in the UK or Europe where they will have undergone rigorous testing procedures.
  • Always buy your sports equipment from a member of the Sports and Play Construction Association (SAPCA).

(Published 12 December 2018, updated 3 April 2019)