Goalpost Safety.

The FA have published a document that gives guidance on the purchase and use of goalposts and goalpost safety. The document we have produced is to help prevent fatal accidents which occur with the misuse of goalposts. The document was used to produce two new British Standards BS 8462:2005 BS 8461:2005 copies of these standards can be purchased from bsigroup.com. The standards cover all goals apart from Full Sized which are covered by BSEN748.

The main points from the standards have been listed below.

  • You should only purchase goals from a manufacturer that has products that conform to the latest British and European standards. (BSEN748 or BS 8462:2005)
  • Manufacturers should be able to supply test certificates if needed.
  • Most deaths from accidents have involved homemade or modified goals, avoid modifications or homemade goals
  • Wooden goals are not allowed by the European Standard, they should not be used.
  • Regular maintenance and inspections of your goals should be carried out. If a correction, faults are shown, or maintenance is required this must be logged. Copies of a sample logbook and inspection sheet can be downloaded from www.markharrod.com
  • Socketed goalposts should always be concreted in.
  • Freestanding goals should be anchored and stabilised at all times. These are the most reliable methods of stabilising freestanding goals:
  1. Attaching the back bar of your goal to a permanent fixing point, for instance, eyebolts, stainless steel loops set in concrete blocks, or suitable attachments on a permanent fence is by far the best way to stabilise.
  2. Using the correct number of weights attached to the back bar or as part of the goal frame.
  3. Self-weighted goals which include an anchor as part of the goal and do not need separate anchors.
  4. Only use U Pegs if you have evidence that they are effective under the worst ground conditions.

To download a copy of our goalpost safety leaflet, click here. (PDF file 672Kb)

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