Choosing the right football goal for your team.

Encouraging players to develop as they progress through their footballing career and age groups, directly correlates to the size of the football goals they use. Ensuring you select the correct sized football goal for your sized pitch helps develop your player’s ability as they mature with the game.

Researching goal dimensions before purchasing them for your football team ensures that you will end up with the right dimensions/ sizes for your age bracket. Below are the FA recommended football goal dimensions. These dimensions have been chosen to ensure development and competitiveness is maintained across all ages.


Age Game Goal size
Under 7/8 5-A-SIDE 12FT X 6FT (3.7M X 1.8M)
Under 9/10 7-A-SIDE 12FT X 6FT (3.7M X 1.8M
Under 11/12 9-A-SIDE 16FT X 7FT (4.9M X 2.1M)
Under 13/14 11-A-SIDE 21FT X 7FT* (6.4M X 2.1M)
Under 15/16 11-A-SIDE 24FT X 8FT (7.3M X 2.4M)
Under 16+ & Senior 11-A-SIDE 24FT X 8FT (7.3M X 2.4M)


*It is also acceptable to use 8ft x 24ft football goal posts on pitches intended for U13/U14’s, if 7ft x 21ft goal posts are not available. However, it is recommended that 7ft x 21ft goalposts be used where possible for this age group.




Here at Mark Harrod LTD, we offer a wide range of 5-a-side football goals which are perfect for use at clubs, sports centres, schools, and colleges.

These goals allow users to play fast, competitive, and skilful football for any level of player. The standard size for a 5-a-side goal is 12 x 4ft (3.66 x 1.20m) for juniors or 16 x 4 ft (4.88 x 1.20m) for senior players. View our goals, nets, and spares for 5-a-side here.



7-a-side goals are a popular choice used by age groups Under 9’s and Under 10’s. The 7-a-side goal is 12ft wide x 6ft high and is used for training and competitive matches in line with the FA guidelines.

At Mark Harrod LTD we offer a wide range of 7-a-side football, which you can view here. These goals are perfect for use at clubs, sports centres, schools, and colleges. The standard size for a 7-a-side goal is 12 x 6ft (3.66 x 1.83m) in England or 16 x 6ft (4.88 x 1.83m) for players in Scotland.



 9-a-side goals are 16 x 7ft, and great for allowing players between the U11’s and U12’s to develop their skills, build relationships, have fun and adapt to larger pitch sizes before transitioning to full-size goals from U13’s onwards. The FA recommend using 16 x 7ft goals for 9-a-side football games that are usually played on artificial, 3G pitches across the country.

All Mark Harrod LTD 9v9 goals conform to BS8462:2012 when anchored correctly. View our goals, nets, and spares for 9v9 here.



11-a-side goals, commonly known as ‘full-size goals’ are used for 11-a-side games from U15’s. At 24 x 8ft, the FA recommends that U15 players and over use 24ft x 8ft goals, however, U13 and U14s playing in junior 11-a-side games should use 21 x 7ft goals.

Goalpost safety is key. Mark Harrod Limited goals conform to the British Standards set by The FA and BSI. You can view our range of 11-a-side goals, nets and spares here on our website.

All Mark Harrod Ltd products (where applicable) conform to the latest British and European Standards, and our commitment to safety doesn’t stop once your product has been delivered either – we offer servicing and maintenance contracts ensuring your equipment remains safe and, in the process, prolonging the life of your products. Our engineering facility is in Staffordshire, in the heart of the UK which, along with a large stock holding, allows us to deliver your order swiftly and efficiently, via our own fleet of vehicles.

Participation in sport is at an all-time high in Britain and Mark Harrod Ltd will provide you with all the equipment you’ll need.

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