Devolift portable goal

DevoLift – A safer portable goal option. Coming soon!

In 2004 Mark Harrod Ltd launched the Easy-lift wheeled goal system which revolutionised portable goals by allowing the user to lift and lower the frame with a simple lever on each wheel to aid easy movement on and off the pitch.

The Easy-lift wheel has served the game well over the fifteen years it has been in use but it’s time for a change. The announcement of a new safety standard (BSEN 16579) being introduced gave us the opportunity to look at the current designs of wheeled goals and see where they can be improved. The big change in goalpost safety is going to signal the elimination of finger entrapment areas as well as sheering and crushing points. 

This is where the DevoLift system comes in. DevoLift has been created from the ground up and designed to conform to this new standard. The mechanism of lifting and lowering the goal pretty much remains the same as the Easy-lift system but it is now safer. With a simple open mechanism the old wheel had potential sheering points when the goal is being lifted or lowered. With the Devolift this risk has been eliminated by designing the system to be completely encased within the body. The wheel chassis has been designed flush to the goal frame which has ensured there is no risk of finger entrapment between the two goal parts.

The DevoLift is coming soon. Keep an eye on our social media and other news channels for the launch announcement.