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How are your goals?

How are your goals? Are they looking their best? Maybe it’s time to give them a service.

Even though fully tested goalposts built by the likes of ourselves are manufactured to the highest standards, the equipment still needs to be maintained in order to remain safe in use for years to come.

At Mark Harrod Ltd we care about the safety of our customers and their teams. This is why all our goals are manufactured to the highest quality and they conform to British and European standards.

As well as ensuring the highest standards of manufacture we care about your equipment in the long term. With every set of goals, we deliver we include a ‘Goalpost maintenance and inspection schedule’ booklet. This handy little booklet highlights all the checks you need to carry out in a handy checklist.

What should you do?

These are just a few examples of the checks that need to be carried out on a regular basis:

Check for damage to the goal frame, any joints that may have opened up, or cracks in the structure.

Make sure all fixings are present, are not damaged and are tightened sufficiently.

Ensure your goal has sufficient anchorage, whether it is pegs, sand bags or counter-weights.

Make sure your nets are complete and there are no breaks or holes where there shouldn’t be.

Check for damaged or missing net fixings

Ensure folding mechanisms and fence fixed systems are in full working order and are not loose.

For example, just something as simple as a break in a goal net cord means that it is more likely for a player’s arm or leg to get trapped in the netting or even more serious is the potential for injury through head or neck entrapment. 

Also if your goal isn’t fixed or has insufficient anchorage there is a high risk of the goal toppling over and injuring a player, spectator or official.

To be really sure that your goals are safe we can carry out an inspection for you. We can just simply inspect your equipment and report our findings or even carry out a full strip-down and replace all the worn and corroded parts. Call our team on 01785 594421 for help, advice or to book an inspection.

Pimp your goals!

It’s not just about safety we want you to look good too! A great way of making your goals look their best for the new season is a new set of nets and net hooks. You would be amazed at the difference a new net can make. Get some coloured nets! Available in solid colours or stripes, they do add a touch of class. Add some net hooks in your team’s colours as well to really impress your fans and be the envy of your league.