How to look after your football goals in the winter

Mark Harrod Ltd football goals are made of pretty strong stuff with a general life span of 8 to 10 years. They battle some of the harshest conditions, especially throughout the winter period. To get the greatest lifespan out of your football goals, caring for them through the harsh winter conditions is a key place to start. So how do you do this?

Annual Check-Up and Maintenance

There are a few safety checks that we recommend for all goals as you go into winter, this helps to provide safety and peace of mind to the users.

These are just a few examples of the checks that need to be carried out on a regular basis:

    • Check for damage to the goal frame, any joints that may have opened up, or cracks in the structure.
    • Make sure all fixings are present, are not damaged and are tightened sufficiently.
    • Ensure your goal has sufficient anchorage, whether it is pegs, sand bags or counter-weights.
    • Make sure your nets are complete and there are no breaks or holes where there shouldn’t be.
    • Check for damaged or missing net fixings
    • Ensure folding mechanisms and fence fixed systems are in full working order and are not loose.


If when checking, you find any failings, we stock a huge range of replacement parts, browse our site for everything you need, or give us a call on 01785 594421 to discuss your needs.

Remove Nets

Football goal nets are crafted to withstand significant amounts of stress, but inevitably will eventually wear out. Constant usage, children climbing them, exposure to extreme weathers, and constant ball striking all add up to the wear and tear.

It’s inevitable at some point that goal nets will need changing however you can maximise the life span of your net with some simple care tips. A basic and key way of preventing damage is removing them during periods of non-use. This stops them from being exposed to weather conditions, which causes the net to go brittle and ultimately tear over time.

Out of Use Storage

Another key way of mitigating any damage to your goals is by storing them properly when they’re not in use.

We recommend when goals are not in use, to break them down and lean them against a wall helping to protect them from the elements, and use a tarp to drape over for further protection. This is a great way to prevent any rusting or damage, however, if this does occur we can provide you with a great range of replacement parts, take a look here.

Anchoring Goals and Nets

This is not only key general practice throughout the season but also a crucial factor when looking into health and safety measures.

It’s a common thing to experience high winds during the winter period. This can leave goals susceptible to being blown over if not weighted properly, or even blown around should they be on wheels and not anchored. To meet the BSEN standard, ensure that the correct number of weights and/or anchors are used. All goals have to be anchored, this includes when standing out of use and when stored. If your goal hasn’t the correct number of anchors, or if the goals are not restrained they will instantly be classed as unsafe.

Please Note: Serious injury or death could occur if goals are incorrectly anchored or restrained. If there is any doubt whatsoever with reference to the safety of equipment, please contact MARK HARROD LTD immediately on 01785 594421 for advice.

Change up your goals

It’s not just about safety and maintenance, we want you to look good too!

If you’re heading into the winter period with a damaged football goal net, why not swap it out and be ready to tackle the new year in style? A great way of making your goals look their best is a new set of nets and net hooks. A new net can make all the difference! Take a look at our range of nets here.

We offer a wide range of professional football goals, garden football goals and sports equipment. Our football goals cater for all ages, levels, requirements, and budgets. Take a look here.



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