Interesting Training Equipment

A complete fitness program should include a healthy diet, positive mindset, and a training routine that you are committed to. Training for any sport can sometimes feel like a chore, but with interesting training equipment, you can really amp up your training sessions to the next level.

Here are some of our favourite pieces of training equipment which you can incorporate into your routine to help you feel motivated!


Passingtika taka ring

Training sessions that focus on improving players passing skills can become repetitive. Rather than passing the ball between teammates, the Tika Taka Ring is a football training tool for small sided passing games. The ring improves the players passing abilities and composure when under pressure. The 17ft tika taka ring is ideal for small sided possession games and is even suitable on all playing surfaces. Because of this, it makes this piece of equipment great for teams that play on different surfaces through the week. Read more about the Precision Tika Taka Ring here!


Training sessions aimed to improve footwork and agility can really benefit from equipment like the Precision Poly Grid System. This grid system is designed to train footwork and agility in different directions. This piece of equipment can be used on all surfaces and in all weather conditions which makes it great for those who are not local to a football pitch.

Defence V Attack drills

Developing skill and speed are one of the most important aspects of football training. You can now transform your coaching sessions with the new Precision Tri Goal which helps improve physical and mental reactions, whilst encouraging competitiveness in training sessions. It is essentially a 3-sided football net that pops up, ensuring easy assembly in under a minute. This piece of equipment helps players add new skills to their game and is a fun way of practicing defence vs attack drills. Find out more here!

Foot Tennis

1 V 1foot tennis

With Foot Tennis requiring a lot of space to practice against opponents, training equipment is crucial for those times where you don’t have access to a large area.

For players looking to spice up training, the Precision Mini Foot Tennis Set is the perfect solution. This fully collapsible training set is ideal for 1 V 1 first touch skills training in a tight vicinity. For those that don’t have much space to train, the Mini Foot Tennis Set is ideal due to its small size and compactness!

Ball and Heading skills

Bring a bit of fun to your training sessions with the Precision Senior Head-Tennis Set! With a large 30-foot net and adjustable height poles, this Head-Tennis set can be used at head or ground setting. This tennis set is excellent for developing ball and heading skills, perfect for those getting into Tennis!

For more durable solution to your head tennis training regime take a look at our Multi-us Portable Volleyball / Head Tennis Net and Posts available here.

Garden Training

Training in the garden can be difficult due to the lack of space and equipment available. Mark Harrod Ltd have a wide range of training products ideal for the garden. With our training equipment range, you are guaranteed a great training session from the comfort of your home.

If you are training for a particular sport, such as football, we also offer a range of other garden packages too. The 12×6 garden football goal training package includes an aluminium 60mm 12ft x 6ft folding garden goal, 1 diamond pro trainer football and 5 training cones. This package will improve your skills in no time – see more here!

Mark Harrod Ltd have been at the forefront of sports equipment innovation and technology for over 15 years. We have a range of training equipment for you to choose from, visit our shop to see more!