Mark Harrod ltd sponsors Up-and-coming Netball Team

At Mark Harrod Ltd we believe that sport is something everyone should be able to enjoy, which is why we’ve always taken great pleasure in helping new sports teams get off the ground. As well as competitions in which we give away sporting prizes to teams across the country, we also sponsor many local teams in need of kit and equipment.

One such team is the LP Tasers, a netball team based in Lowestoft, just a few miles from Mark Harrod Ltd HQ in Beccles. Formed as the Vixens in 2012, this small team of friends trained and played together every week in the Lowestoft Netball League. Each week they took on one of the other twelve teams in the league, many of which had been established for several years.

At the start of the 2013 season the Vixens merged with another larger team, the Lowestoft Police Blues and Twos, and the two teams subsequently became a two-part squad: the LP Tasers and the LP Sirens. This meant only one thing: a proper kit was in order!

Mark Harrod Ltd provided the Tasers with a financial contribution towards their kit, for which they chose a netball dress with an orange and black design, which gave the players a new sense of collective team spirit, not to mention a big morale boost. The Tasers have since improved their form greatly, and now continue to do well in the Lowestoft Netball League’s First Division.

Mark Harrod Ltd is a great supporter of sports, sponsoring several other teams as well as the Tasers. Our range includes a great choice of netball equipment including nets, rings, posts, training balls, match balls and bibs, all of which you can see here.