Easy-Move Football Goal Trolley

Take the effort out of moving your goals!

Here at Mark Harrod Limited we pride ourselves in providing you with some of the best products in the business, 2017 is going to be no different!
You may well be familiar with our Heavy Duty Trolley, a system designed to make your goals fully portable in any direction. We are happy to announce that we have listened to what YOU have said and have spent some time with our product designers to improve it.
Our newly designed Goal Trolley takes everything you loved about the old design and adds slick new features.
Instead of having to lift the goal up to place onto the trolley, you now attach it to the trolley while the goal is still on the floor, and simply lift using the trolley’s arm. The 1.7m long arm means that you can lift and lower the goal using very little effort. The trolley uses a pivot mechanism to enable you to move and turn the goal in a controlled manner.

These are available to purchase now direct from our website and our sales team.