Our Top Goal Maintenance Tips

The off-season is here! We hope the season was filled with fantastic moments and plenty of wins for your club! We all know how long and busy the season is, with all those mid-week training sessions to juggle, disruptions due to the British weather and weekend match days to get prepared for. However, now that’s all over, it’s the right time to start carrying out goal maintenance. It’s also the perfect time for coaches, ground staff and clubs to look at their own equipment and identify what they might need for next season. See our selection of goals here.

For all the clubs and grounds who have Mark Harrod Ltd goals already, you’ve completed the first step in having high-quality goals that you can rely on! However, even they can suffer from wear and tear, especially when they are used heavily throughout a season. It’s very important to keep your equipment and goals maintained in good condition in order for them to remain safe and continue to be used for years to come.

We care about your goals and the importance of keeping them in top quality condition. That’s why we offer a ‘Goal maintenance and inspection schedule’ booklet with every purchase. This handy little booklet highlights all the checks you need to carry out on your goals. You can get yourself a replacement maintenance booklet from our website (FOT-MAIN).

With regular maintenance and cleaning, your goals will last you for as long as 10 years with regular use! Take a look at our top goal maintenance tips below.

Maintenance Tips

  • Check for damage to the goal frame, any joints that may have opened up, or cracks in the structure
  • Carry out visual goal checks on all parts including nets, net clips, joints, fixing and other parts
  • Get yourself a 17mm spanner
  • Make sure all fixings are present and tightened
  • Tighten wheels and other bolts
  • Ensure folding mechanisms in goals and fence fixed systems are in full working order and are not loose
  • Check there are no holes in the nets and net clips sections to prevent injuries. It’s important to note that something as simple as a break in a goal net cord can trap players fingers, for example
  • If the goal posts are not being used for a while, we recommend removing the nets to prevent damage from rodents. It also reduces the risk of vandalism
  • Give your goal posts a thorough clean to get rid of mud and dirt and reduce the risk of rust
  • Grease and oil all of your moving parts: wheels and lift mechanism, fence fixed hinges for example. We recommend using silicon grease.


Carrying out these maintenance tips and checks during the off-season will ensure your goals remain in fantastic condition for when pre-season training and games kick off. Furthermore, your goals will remain safe and last longer. It will also ensure that you maintain our goal warranty if anything were to go wrong with your goals.

If you want to make sure your goals get a top-level check and service, you can book an inspection with one of the Mark Harrod Ltd team. We inspect your equipment and provide a full report, as well as providing a full strip-down and replacement of any worn and corroded parts.

Get in touch with a member of our team to book an inspection, or if you have any questions about maintaining your goals, give us a call on 01785 594421 or email info@markharrod.com