Pitch and ground maintenance

Pitch Maintenance; How to Keep Your Pitch in Perfect Condition During Winter Months

Winter is a time when we sit on the sofa watching TV and enjoying a warm cup of tea. However, if you are a sports facility or field manager, you know winter can make it very difficult for pitch maintenance, and to keep your pitch in perfect condition during winter months. No matter if you manage a school sports field, football training ground, or stadium, the harsh weather conditions can damage your pitch, which is crucial for player safety and performance. Therefore, it is important to take measures and use the correct equipment to protect your pitch during the winter months and ensure it is ready for the players when the spring arrives.


Keeping public areas mud-free in the winter months.

Keeping your public areas mud free is a challenging task in the wet winter months. One of the essential items for pitch maintenance during winter is a boot wiper brush. Mud, snow, and ice can make cleats slippery and dangerous for players. Boot wiper brushes provide a quick and efficient solution for cleaning shoes before entering the pitch. At Mark Harrod, we offer a range of boot wiper brushes suitable for different types of fields, including mobile models that you can move around to your preferred location. Our boot wiper brushes are made of durable materials and are easy to install and maintain. You can shop our range of Boot Wipers and accessories here.


Keeping your pitch debris-free

Another critical piece of equipment for winter pitch maintenance is a drag brush. Drag brushes should be used to remove any damaged grass and debris from the surface, such as leaves, snow, slush, and other unwanted materials. Regular drag brushing not only helps maintain the appearance of your pitch but it also allows more air and water to penetrate the surface, promoting healthy grass growth. We have a range of drag brushes, from handheld to industrial size, so you can choose the perfect one for your pitch here.


Creating boundaries with safe fencing

Fencing and barriers are also essential elements of pitch maintenance, regardless of the season. Fencing and barriers not only prevent players from getting into dangerous areas of the pitch, but they also make the pitch more visually appealing, which can add to the overall atmosphere of your sports facility. Mark Harrod offers a range of fencing and barriers, made of durable and weather-resistant materials, that are easy to install and are perfect for both indoor and outdoor pitches, there’s so many options, which you can shop here.


Winter can be a challenging time for sports facilities and field managers, but by taking the appropriate measures, you can ensure your pitch is in perfect condition for the season ahead. At Mark Harrod, we understand the importance of pitch maintenance, and we offer a range of reliable and durable products to help you maintain your pitch year-round. From boot wiper brushes to drag brushes, fencing, and corner flags, we have everything you need to keep your pitch safe, healthy, and looking great. Contact us today to learn more about our products and let us help you keep your pitch in top condition.