Football goals are a big investment and here at Mark Harrod Ltd we understand that. At Mark Harrod Ltd, we offer an extensive range of football goals and football goal accessories all built to last. We’re proud to also offer a wide range of British Standards compliant portable goals and easy to assemble folding football goal options.

11-A-Side Goals – These 11 – A – Side Goals are 24 x 8ft (7.32 x 2.44m) for senior and 21 x 7ft (6.40 x 2.13m) for youth players. They provide an excellent goal for 11 A – side games, which are played all over the world. These football goal posts are found at most football stadiums and grounds across the UK and are the size shown on TV in senior games.

9-A-Side Goals – 9V9 Goals are great for Under 12 games, for beginner players who are looking for a bit of fun. The standard size for 9v9 football goals is 16 x 7ft (4.88 x 2.13m). These are a great kids football goal.

7-A-Side Goals – Also known as Mini Soccer, is a smaller player count, and equally a smaller pitch, for under 10s to experience the feel of a game and allows them to develop their skills. In Scotland, the size of mini-soccer goals is 16 x 4ft. In England and Wales they are smaller, being 12 x 6ft. These goals are perfect for schools and use at kids, junior and teenage levels.

5-A-Side Goals – These goals are great for games with 4-7 players and are often used for fast and skilful games for any level of player. The standard size for a 5-a-side goal is 12 x 4ft (3.66 x 1.20m) for juniors or 16 x 4ft (4.88 x 1.20m) for senior players. These goals are easier to move around and are mainly used on sports-halls and playgrounds.

Futsal Goals – Futsal is a variant of Football played on a hard court, smaller than a Football Pitch, and mainly indoors. It can be considered a version of five-a-side football. The standard size for a Futsal goal is 3 x 2m.

Accessories – Net Attachments, Storage, Target Practice and Trolleys! Everything you need to upgrade your goals to suit your individual needs.

Football Tennis – Is a popular training or recreational game, which helps to develop ball control and reactions in players of all skills and ages. Used by the football elite, these are a very popular training aid.

Training Equipment – Training is a huge part in any sport. Our Football Training equipment helps you create versatile training sessions, and allow you to target specific skills. Our Training Aids are a great way to make training sessions fun for all age ranges.

UPVC, Target & Garden Goals – Additionally to our large goals, we have a range of UPVC goals, ideal for parents travelling for Games with Children. Target goals are a professional solution for training accuracy. Garden goals are the same quality as our professional range, yet designed to be used at home.

Spares & Fittings – If you’ve lost or damaged parts of your goals, we have a wide range of replacement parts to solve your problem, for any goal.

Nets – We have a range of spare nets for many goals, such as 11 – A – side, 5 – A – Side, 9V9 and Futsal Goals. This is to ensure you have all the right equipment you need for a game.  We have a variety of high-quality Net Attachments, including Pegs, Hooks and Retaining Rods, to ensure you have the essentials for your Goal Nets.

Football goals are a big investment and here at Mark Harrod Ltd we understand that. At Mark Show More