Duraline Flush Thru Line Marking Machine Cleaner 10 ltr

Pitch & Grounds

Duraline Flush Thru Liquid Cleaner is a ready to use, biodegradeable, liquid cleaning solution for use with line marking paint machines. Flush Thru is used to clean the pumps, pipes and nozzles of spray line markers quickly and easily.


  • For cleaning all line marking machines.
  • Helps keeps nozzles & pipes flowing.
  • Keeps transfer wheel rollers rolling.

How To Use:

Spraying Machine

Connect the Flush Thru bottle to the sprayer. Allow cleaner to run through the sprayer for a few seconds. Leave to stand for approximately 5 minutes. Finally, flush through with clean water for approximately 1 minute.

Nozzles & Filters

Place nozzle or filter in a plastic container. Pour in enough Flush Thru to cover and leave to soak for a few minutes. Flush with water when removed.

Pack Size

10 ltr

Code: MK-024
Each £46.02 (Excl. VAT)