Zinc Oxide Tape


  • Width: 25mm
  • Length: 10 metres.
  • Ideal Boxing Hand Wrap Tape
  • Smooth unwind
  • What is Zinc Oxide Tape?

    The Zinc Oxide Tape from Firstaid4sport is our best-selling non-elastic, rigid strapping tape, with excellent adhesion and tensile strength properties. The strong tape fabric is bleached and has a soft and supple feel. The tape has a computerised unwind design which means it comes off the roll smoothly. This helps it unwind to the core. The smooth unwind means it is perfect when you need controlled application. For example, when hand wrapping in Boxing.

    The tape is 13.7m in length and available in the following widths:- 1.25cm, 2.5cm, 3.8cm, and 5cm

    The strength of the actual tape material of the Zinc Oxide Tape is on average 43lbs per linear inch.

    For best results, you should handle the tape as little as possible. Skin preparation is a must. Always ensure the area of application is clean and dry. The adhesive improves by warming the tape and by rubbing it once applied to the skin.

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