Football 7-A-SIDE FOOTBALL GOALS Aluminium Folding

Folding GOALS – ALUMINIUM UPEG PACKAGE – 4.88 x 1.83m

100mm 16 x 6ft 4.88 x 1.83m

100mm Aluminium Folding Goal

100mm Aluminium Folding Goal Show More

Aluminium Folding

  • Heavy duty folding
  • Uprights and crossbar – 100 x 110mm reinforced aluminium
  • Powder coated white
  • Heavy duty 42mm galvanised bottom bar
  • Supplied with: Quick release pin and Upeg anchors
  • This Goal conforms to BS EN 16579

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For Frame Only version see FOT-099B

  • 100 x 110mm reinforced aluminium
  • Internal welded corner joints and extra strong top corner joints
  • 42mm galvanised bottom bar
  • Durable powder coated finish
  • Supplied with: international back supports, top diagonal supports, Upeg anchors and lock on nylon hooks
  • Dimensions: 16 x 6ft (4.88 x 1.83m)
  • Standard net
  • 3mm poly twisted knotted twine
  • 1.9m runback
  • Comes in white
  • 16 x 6ft (4.88 x 1.83m)
  • 32mm zinc plated net supports for self weighted goals
  • Set of 4
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PER PAIR £1,072.33 (Excl. VAT)

As one of the UK’s leading goal post manufacturers we are totally committed to the issue of goal post safety. This guide provides important facts and guidelines to ensure that all goals and equipment are safe in use and whilst being stored.