Padbol Court Advance 2.0


Padbol is a dynamic fusion of the world’s most popular ball sports, combining football with squash, padel tennis and volleyball. Padbol delivers explosive, action-packed gameplay that uses every part of the body, except the player’s arms and hands, for faster point-scoring. Four people play in a doubles format on a smaller court for increased speed and movement and maximum fun,

Padbol® court does not require great investment or large areas allowing a quick recovery of the initial capital, transforming it into an innovative and profitable business that has mass appeal.

Padbol is a dynamic fusion of the world’s most popular ball sports, combining football with squash, padel Show More
6×10 meters

Padbol Court Advance 2.0 Package includes – POA

  • Self-supporting metal structure coated with Magnelis®.
  • Tempered glass 12 mm thick.
  • Electrostatic paint coating.
  • Corner posts x 4 with led lighting.
  • Entrance plinth.
  • Official Padbol ball, jaguar 23 x2.
  • Installation is always included.
Full product Specs
  • Self-supporting metal structure coated with Magnelis®.
  • Corrosion resistance, even in aggressive environments.
  • It has a self-repairing effect that ensures protection on uncoated edges.
  • It has a lower friction adhesion.
  • Electrostatic paint coating.
  • Uniform and high-quality coating.
  • Superior physical and chemical resistance against impacts, marking, bends, and chemicals.
  • Tempered glass 12 mm thick, Impact and temperature resistance.
  • Protective rubber flooring made of chloroprene + EPDM cellular rubber.
  • Sound insulation Thermal insulation Noise and vibration damping.
  • The upper grilles and the court structure have been carefully designed to prevent any noise.
Essential add ons for a Padbol Court Advance 2.0 – POA
  • Booking App.
  • Scoreboard App.
  • Master Hub, one for each Padbol® point.
  • Court hub, one for each court.
  • Wifi network camera x2.
  • Wireless bracelet for scoring and correcting points in real-time.
  • Recording button and VAR button.
  • Customised Corner Flag featuring the national flag and the name of the country.
  • Mobile kit, to avoid the need for drilling holes for court installation..
  • Support Platform – 2.5 x 1.5 meter x4.
  • Protective tv with polycarbonate front.

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