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Tennis Swivel Centre Court Adjuster Set

  • TENNIS NET CENTRE STRAP – MAINTAIN AN ITF OFFICIAL NET HEIGHTThis premium-grade Tennis Net Centre Strap is a must-have for all tennis courts. Brimming with professional quality, the centre strap will ensure your tennis net is always set to an ITF Official height every time you step foot onto court. Featuring a high-quality nylon strap with a chrome plated aluminium snap buckle, this centre strap can be used indoors and outdoors with a high-class performance always guaranteed.
    • 50mm in width
    • Professional Tennis Net Centre Strap – Maintain an ITF Regulation Net Height
    • Strap can be easily adjusted to suit your tennis net
    • Premium-grade nylon strap with a chrome plated swivel clip
    • Exceptionally durable – suitable for indoor & outdoor use
    • Compatible with all regulation tennis nets (singles & doubles)
    • The Tennis Net Centre Strap features a heavy-duty dog clip included, making it compatible with all tennis fixing points including Base Weights, M-Pegs & Ground Sockets.
Code: TN-008A
EACH £18.88 (Excl. VAT)