Pitch & Grounds Maintenance

Winter Wizard Salt n Shake De-Icer 5KG


The Winter Wizard is an effective de-icer that has the ability to melt snow and ice, and fast!

This shaker tub has the ability to evenly spread the salt from the bottom on the tub, it’s easy use, with no requirement for a scoop.

This Winter Wizard has the ability to last longer than regular rock salt. It is made from a blend of chlorides and is totally clean and soluble, meaning no residue is left behind.

Another benefit of this de-icer is that it is harmless to animals, meaning it is safe to be spread on farms and places where wildlife are present.


Clean, white de-icer
BS3247 certified quality de-icing salt
Harmless to animals
Long lasting

£29.65 (Excl. VAT)