Spy cameras at Mark Harrod Ltd!

Spy cameras at Mark Harrod Ltd! Nice try but our prototype is still under wraps.

At Mark Harrod Limited we love to innovate! We changed the game in 2004 with our Easy-lift mobile goal system and we are about to do it again!

Before the Easy-lift era there were the flip over wheel or trolley systems for moving mobile goals. These systems were quite effective but unfortunately the goals had to be lifted manually by the user for the wheels to be engaged.

We designed and engineered the Easy-lift wheel using a simple cam system with the rotation of a lever the goal could lifted or lowered and locked in place in just a few seconds without any heavy lifting. Seeing these goals on so many training pitches throughout the UK and beyond always brings a smile.

2019 is going to be another big year for innovation at www.markharrod.com. We have the new goalpost standard coming into force this year with developments in the pipeline to ensure this new standard is met plus we are working on some ground breaking products that could really change the game.

Our latest innovation will be released soon but we thought we would give you a taster with this video. We can’t wait to show you the finished article but unfortunately we are under strict orders to keep it hush hush for now

Look out for our latest innovations at www.markharrod.com coming soon.