The Football Foundation Grant Scheme Explained

Since 2000, The Football Foundation have delivered fantastic community sports facilities, football goals, clubhouses and much more to clubs and organisations throughout the United Kingdom. They have awarded more than 23,000 grants, which equates to 1000 3G pitches, 11,000 grass pitches and 1300 changing facilities. Pretty amazing right?!

They are committed to giving everyone the opportunity to play football by offering grant schemes that help clubs improve their facilities, football goals and equipment. This aids the development of communities and improves the lives of so many people throughout the United Kingdom.

The Premier League, The FA and the Governments Football Foundation offer support so they can fund clubs when they want to upgrade floodlights, build new pavilions and clubhouses, improve 3G and grass pitches, add new football goals and plenty more! Thousands of grassroots clubs have chosen to take a grant over the last 25 years in order to improve facilities, attract new players and increase the quality of matches. It’s a no-brainer!

Football Goals

The exciting news for you is that your football club can apply for a grant and get up to 75% of the new football goal cost covered with a grant from The Football Foundation. The Mark Harrod Ltd team have partnered with the Football Foundation as one of the trusted football goal suppliers who meet British Goal Standards. Our goals are used by the best of the best, so you can ensure that the goals are meeting the highest standards for safety and quality. From Premier League clubs to local sports teams, we’ve got the football goal that’s right for your club!

The Mark Harrod Ltd team are able to help identify the perfect new football goals for your club and take you through the goal grant application process. Take a look at the criteria requirements below to see if your club is eligible. It is important to note that you must meet the criteria stated below, and grants should only be applied to new purchases once it has been approved. 



The grant is suitable for the following goals:

  • 11v11, 9v9 and mini soccer goals
  • Futsal goalposts 
  • FA 3G pitch registered goalposts

We have a huge range of football goal packages that cover the sizes above. Here are a few of our top choices:

11-aside Football Goals

DEVOSHIFT Portable Box Goal

9-aside Football Goals

Folding Aluminium Football Goal

5-aside Football Goals

Heavy Duty Folding Football Goal

Futsal Goals

Easylift Futsal Portable Goal


As you can see, there is plenty of choice when it comes to choosing new football goals that can be partly funded by the Football Foundation. It’s a must-do when you can receive a big helping hand when buying and upgrading your clubs football goals. It’s worth noting that a club is only able to apply for one grant application per year so make sure you take time to identify what your club needs and plan ahead. 

To understand more about the grant, whether your club meets the requirements for it, and for advice on the right football goals for your club, please give the Mark Harrod Ltd sales team a call and we can take you through the process. 

Give us a call on 01785 594421 or email