The mobile goal revolution!

Mark Harrod Ltd shifts the goalposts on to a fresh footing

Goals designer and manufacturer Mark Harrod Ltd is set to score a major result with a third generation advance that will save time and money for pitch managers, operators and clubs.

Fourteen years after it launched the Easylift goal, which allowed equipment to be pushed and pulled around site after raising the frame above the playing surface, the company’s latest innovation marks a quantum leap forward to create a goal boasting ‘infinite manoevrability’.

Two years in development, the new goal is intended for roll out on to synthetic and all weather pitches. Greater manoeuvrability over frames currently available allows site personnel to steer a full sized goal through perimeter access gates as narrow as six or seven feet across.

Launch of the goal coincides with the introduction of BS16579, a British Standard aiming to tighten up goal safety by eradicating pinch points that can trap the fingers, head or neck, as well as issues relating to crushing and shearing points. 

Designed to be fully compliant with the new standard, the new goal heralds an exciting era of football provision spanning grassroots to Premier League facilities.

“Our new goal allows anyone to move it easily on and off pitches in a way simply not possible with existing products,” says Mark Harrod Ltd’s R&D Developer Matt Page.

“Surface pressure of the goal is even less than that of the Easylift, already specified worldwide as the most advanced goal on the market. Our third generation innovation will be great news for everyone who knows how tricky it can be to move goals around. Schools will find it a godsend, while pitch facilities can expect far less downtime while goals are repositioned.”

A triple-wheel castor system safely encased in a tough ABS plastic cowl, with a built-in lift and lower mechanism maximises operational ease and safety.

Dimensions of the goal are those of the Easylift, the company confirms, while the cowl’s streamlining gives the goal an impression of “floating on air” when moved.

“The 80mm surface clearance is more than ample for synthetic and all weather pitches,” adds Matt, “and the smoother differential reduces any risk of snag and drag when moving it.”

With a sharp eye on often hard-pressed budgets, the company has also introduced replacement kits, which allow the Easylift wheel assembly to be easily replaced with the new mechanism or can be added to many of our existing free standing goals?

Fans of our ever popular Easylift goal won’t be disappointed with this evolution. Our Easylift Goal is still available and an updated design to satisfy the upcoming new British and European standard will be launched soon.

Explaining the thinking behind the revolutionary new goal, Mark Harrod Ltd Managing Director Sean Wallett said: “As innovators as well as manufacturers, you realise when the time comes to advance the technology of what’s out there. 

“We have many light bulb moments but the spark of invention that created this wheel system, when Matt and I were sitting in one of our vans, waiting to visit Burton Albion FC, we feel sure will satisfy a long-held need across football to make goals infinitely manoeuvrable. This is the  portable goal everyone is asking for.”