What is Teqball?

After many years of research and scientific development, Teqball was introduced as a new piece of sports equipment for improving skills and ability required in football. This advanced piece of equipment is described as a supportive training tool, helping players develop technical and concentration skills, as well as improving stamina. 

Physical Design Features

Teqball is a non-contact sport and according to the official rules, it is forbidden to touch the equipment itself meaning the risk of injury is low. After years of development, Teqball has been designed so that every ball bounces out to the player. This design forces players to control the ball every 2-3 seconds and as a result, a high number of touches can be reached in very little time.

How Footballers Can Benefit From Teqball

The purpose of Teqball is to create an alternative way of practicing and developing skills needed for football. Acting as a supportive tool, it helps players master air-to-air ball handling and quick thinking. Teqball inspires confidence with the ball and promotes quick decision making for ‘first touch’ moves.

Each piece of equipment can be played by 2, 4 or even more players so everyone can have fun and train.

Teqball One VS Teqball Smart

Teqball One

Taking over two years for Teqball to develop the final innovative shape, the Teqball One was made for both indoor and outdoor use. With waterproof properties and an easy to assemble structure, it’s the perfect equipment for training. 

Teqball Smart 

Teqball Smart is the foldable version of the Teqball One table. With an innovative design making transportation and storage of the table even easier, it is ultimately just a more versatile piece of equipment. With the addition of lockable wheels and a foldable structure, the Teqball Smart makes moving location even easier. And with the capability to fold on just one side of the table, it is an ideal rebound wall to play and practice.

What Techniques Can Teqball Improve

Ball Control 

A player’s ability to collect and gain control of a ball is known as ball control. Ball control usually consists of a player using parts of the body (such as legs, chest and head) to fully maximise their chances of gaining control over the ball. Ball control also refers to a player’s ability to maintain possession of the ball during a game. 

Teqball helps improve techniques for ball control by giving a short break between each ball bounce. This quick movement means players have less time to react and think about their approach. Increasing their reaction time means in a game they will be able to pick the best technique to use whilst the ball is still in the air. 

Body Control 

Body control refers to a player’s ability to move their body to optimise coordination and balance. Remaining in the correct form whilst doing various techniques you can assess how well a player’s body control is. Good indications of body control could be long strides, low center of gravity or correct running form. 

Teqball helps improve body control by assessing a player’s balance during an intense game. Creating a fast-paced game will help a player understand how to keep their balance and coordination.

Spatial Awareness 

Similar to body control, special awareness helps a player understand the positions the body should be in, in order to maximise their chances of staying in control of the ball. Spatial awareness helps a player focus on what’s around and how it may affect their moves. During Teqball, player’s must be aware of where their teammate is positioned around the table in order to know when to go for the ball or leave it to the other player. This constant focus on where teammates and opponents are positioned will help spatial awareness in a real game. 

A focus on spatial awareness in both Teqball and real football games means less injuries occurring. This is because players are more aware of what’s around them. 

Football Teams Using Teqball

Nine Premier League Clubs currently have Teqball tables in their grounds. Players from Chelsea, Arsenal, Everton, Manchester United, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Watford, Bournemouth, Burnley and Southampton have all incorporated Teqball into their training programs. 

With a lot of stresses put onto players bodies through matches and training, Teqball was designed to be low impact and fun. This table helps give variety in a footballers training regime, challenging players in different ways to focus on different skills. 

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